For the Love of Words

I’m always shocked when people tell me, “I don’t like to read.” And I used to be stunned when wannabe writers told me that.

What poverty! I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t love words.

For So Many Reasons

How do I love words? Let me count the ways:

  • When I’m happy or want a reward for a job well done, I pick up a good book and read for pleasure.
  • If I want to know something—from how to be a better grandma to planning a trip to England—I read to learn.
  • If I have a personal problem, I look to books where people have shared their struggles and ideas for overcoming.
  • If I’m hurt or afraid, I turn to my journal to sort myself out and talk to God about things. By the time I’m all written out, I feel much better and often I’ve arrived at a solution to my problem.
  • And I get to make a living by staying home and making up stories.

What wonderful gifts, to love to read and to love to write. Today, instead of focusing on the frustrations of revision or marketing my work, I’m just grateful for the God-given desire I have for words.

What does reading (or writing) mean to YOU?

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