Writing Dreams Fulfilled

Will 2012 be the year your writing dreams come true?

This is the big weekend for putting up Christmas lights and (if you have the stamina) hitting the malls to start your Christmas shopping. Before you do that–while there is still a bit of sand left in the hour glass–let me suggest that you do one more thing this holiday weekend.

What Christmas writing wish would you like to see come true in 2012? It’s not too early to think about this. As the pace of the holiday season takes over, you’ll tend to put the writing on the back burner. Suddenly it will be 2012! This may be your last unrushed moment to think about your writing goals for next year.

Take Inventory

Nearly eleven months of 2011 are over. I’m sure you had writing goals for this year. Where are you at this point? I highly encourage you to review your goals and take stock. Make a clear, detailed, written description of your current writing life.

Then create a detailed image of your future perfect writing life. What are some projects you’d love to work on? What are your secret writing dreams? Make a list.

To go from where you are to where you want to be as a writer, two things are critical. One has to do with your feelings, and the other has to do with your will.

Two Requirements for Fulfilled Writing Dreams

First, you need an overwhelming desire to change something in your life. (Perhaps you want to get on a regular writing schedule. Maybe you want to submit the finished stories hidden in your desk. Possibly you’re ready to find an agent.) Whatever your goals, the more specific, the better.

Second, you must be determined to move from wishing and hoping to taking action. It’s as simple as cause and effect: you must do something different (cause) in order to develop the writing life of your dreams (effect). This determination will also involve developing good habits to support, nurture, and sustain your changes. (These habits might include eating right, getting sufficient exercise and sleep, and curtailing time wasters like too much TV and Web surfing. I’ve been working on such a list this past week myself.)

Time to Take Action

This week, think about what habits you may need to implement–and which ones you may need to eliminate–to support your writing goals for 2012. Remember to take baby steps as you make changes. (January’s goal might be to write 20 minutes per day. February’s goal might be 30 minutes of daily writing, etc.)

If you feel inclined, please share some of the goals and habits you hope to create. We’re all in this together! Time in 2011 is running out. Make the most of the remaining days to prepare yourself for your most successful writing year yet–in 2012.

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