Writing: Your Job or Your Life?

The writing life is something I discuss often with my good friend, Sherryl Clark, a terrific writer from Australia. We discuss ways that we can give writing a bigger share of our lives and “head space” without short-changing other important areas.

She once heard a horse trainer in an interview talk about racing. He said: “If you treat it as a job, you won’t do very well. If you treat it as your life, you’ve got a good chance of succeeding.” That could easily be applied to writing.

If You’re Writing, What’s the Difference?

According to Sherryl, “As long as something is a job, it conveys a number of things – validation, expectation of (regular) income, that showing up every day is enough, that meeting deadlines and working hard is enough.

But when you make something your life, that means a whole different situation. You put everything on the line. Regular income, security, respect from others (you’re trying to make it as a writer?), probably sleep, sometimes family, self-worth, self-confidence.”

Sherryl’s post poses some very thought-provoking questions as she challenges writers to make writing their life–and she’s very honest about what it entails. I hope you will take time to read this article. I found it inspiring again–and just what the doctor ordered today. I bet you will agree.

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