Wrapping Up with “Flow”

Merry Christmas a day late! I hope your holidays were lovely and were spent with family and friends–either in person or by phone or Skype or email.

We saw lots of grandkids over the weekend, and I got to hold babies (my favorite thing), and I was definitely NOT thinking about “writing in flow.”

But today I am.


I have a couple of short articles for you to read that go along with the six-part series that covered the last two weeks. One is called 9 Things That Take You Out of Flow, and the other is 5 Ways to Maintain Flow When You Work. Both are good summaries and highlight some of the points made in the series.

In review, here are the posts on “writing in flow” from the last two weeks. It would be a good idea, when you have an hour, to read through them all in order, make notes of any of the “keys” that need work or attention, and make a written plan on how you can incorporate the steps into your writing life.

I intend to do that myself. I want to hit 2012 “in flow” and make it one of the most productive and FUN writing years ever!

In Review

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