Creativity: Inside or Outside the Box?

If trying to be creative feels like slogging through mud lately, you may be trying too hard.

If so, I’ve got good news for you!

Several articles I’ve read lately disputed the idea that “thinking outside the box” is the way to be more creative. It’s given me hope, as I don’t tend to be an “outside the box” thinker.

I actually like my box. It’s cozy. It’s nicely decorated–but unoriginal, I fear.

Inside or Outside the Box?

Who’s most creative? Read the following articles and decide for yourself.

One Last Thought

Are you thinking that the articles sound good–but you just don’t know if you’re up to it? Then I have one last post for you to read: “3 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Build Your Self-Confidence” by Henrik Edberg. They’re simple–but effective. And they work no matter what side of the box you prefer.

Now, have at it! And if you’re brave, leave a comment and tell us which side of the box you prefer!


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