Motivation: the Icing on the Cake

You might think from my recent posts on motivation and commitment (Parts 1, 2 and 3) that commitment is all you really need to get the writing done. Basically, that’s true. If your commitment is strong, you can write through anything.


It’s more fun to add motivation to your writing commitment. It might be the icing on the cake, but it’s lovely icing!

With that in mind, today’s blog is devoted to some of the best motivational writing I found this month.

Should You Focus on Your Writing or Your Platform?” by Jane Friedman is excellent! It will help you decide the balance you should strive for.

“To Sleep or Not to Sleep?” by Tanya Dennis is about trying to fit writing into a very busy schedule of job, family, and community. Many of you will identify with this challenge to your motivation.

This “Link Round-Up” by Victoria Strauss on the Writer Beware blog has TEN links to important articles. These are subjects that might not necessarily motivate you to write, but sometimes we need to be motivated to keep up on industry changes. These articles will do that!

“What You Can Do When You Can’t Write” by Mary Keeley is a practical and understanding article about dealing with real-life issues while trying to maintain a writing schedule. Good tips!

“3 Tips for Beating Discouragement in Your Writing Career” by Jessie Gunderson. She’s a fairly new writer with some wisdom I can second!

There! That will keep you busy and motivated until next week! (And P.S. Several of you have written lately and asked why you weren’t getting the daily writing tips/articles/posts on Facebook. Several months ago I added a fan page, and unless you also “liked” the page, you wouldn’t get the writing posts. You just need to click this “like” button, and that should do it.)

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