50 Free E-Books for Your Reading Pleasure

Boy, are you going to have fun this weekend!

I’m only providing one resource this time. You’ll soon see why. This free gift will keep all of us happily reading for many weeks!

Read below:

What’s your favorite kind of book? We’ve created a giant flowchart to help you browse the top 50 free eBooks at Project Gutenberg… Your choices range from Charles Dickens to Jane Austen, from Sherlock Holmes to needlework. We’ve linked to all 50 free eBooks so you can start downloading right now. The books are available in all major eBook formats.

How to Choose

The list includes fiction and nonfiction of all genres. To help you decide which books you’d like to download (e-book or audio), they’ve created a flow chart for you to figure out which titles match your personal interests.

It is divided into fiction and nonfiction, then helps you decide further with suggestions like “I love history” or “I love self-help books” (nonfiction) or “I love literary fiction” or “I love mystery” (fiction). Just follow the arrows to the free titles you’re most likely to enjoy.

Follow this link for a larger “flow chart” if you don’t want to read through the whole list of free books. If the type is too tiny for you to read, click on the “view” button, top left, and make the flow chart bigger. Then find the titles in the list and follow the links for downloading your favorite classics.

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