Marketing Ideas for the Budget Minded

As authors (both traditionally published and self-published), we are constantly told to market more, better and faster.

The three protests I hear most often about this are:

1) I don’t have the money to sink into publicity tours, posters, bookmarks, etc.

2) I don’t have the time to do all that marketing, nor can I afford to hire a publicist to do this for me.

3) Ugh. Marketing is so “boring” and uncreative.

Is This You?

If you feel this way about marketing your book, I have some good news for you. I came across an article called “How to Market Your Book on a Budget,” and the ideas are quite fun, easy (even for introverts), and very economical.

The first part of the article shows links to five other articles by the author. This is a series on marketing she did a year ago. Following those five links are three more ideas, in detail and with photos. [The additional ideas are fun! You might want to read them first.]

Two-Fold Purpose

When you have a minute this weekend, open a notebook or Word document, then read through the whole series plus her new additional ideas. Take notes of things you’d be willing to try. By the time you’ve done that, you should have a working publicity plan.

You’ll use it yourself, plus you can include it in proposals since editors today want to see your publicity plans for your book. This should give you quite a list–and it won’t break the bank!

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