$500 Prize: Short Story Contest and How to Win

Writing to an editor’s specifications is the first hurdle that any writer must clear on the track to publication.

Yet, repeatedly editors say that the majority of manuscripts they receive do not match their guidelines and specifications.

That’s a huge waste of time and energy for both writers and editors.

The Answer? Contests!

Writing contests also have exact specifications, and that’s why it can be helpful for writers to enter contests as often as they can. Contests are excellent professional training experiences.

The current Institute contest is: A short story for teens, 13-14, in any subgenre, including speculative fiction, issue-based, contemporary, historical, adventure, humor, etc. The story should be no longer than 1,500 words. Deadline is October 31.

Be sure to follow the contest rules closely!

Tips on Winning Writing Contests

Would you like to put yourself near the front of the line in this contest? Then before you even sketch out your idea, read Jan Fields’ article “Ten Tips for Contest Entries.” You’ll be glad you did.

Enter the current contest soon! Good luck!

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