Boundaries Are My Friends!

I returned last night from an exhausting and EXHILARATING writer’s conference in Dallas.

One session I attended was called “Live Free. Write Free.” I came away from that session knowing what I had to do.

Respecting Property Lines

You can read books about setting boundaries. You can preach boundary setting to others. (I do that very well.)

But unless you are willing to do the hard (and often unpopular) work of setting and enforcing boundaries, it’s all for naught.

Biting the Bullet

I got very encouraging news from a couple of editors at the conference, and I came home with lots of work to do. But I also knew that until I set one particular boundary (on myself first, and then with another party), I would never have the mental energy I needed to complete the projects I had promised.

So I did it. I spoke up and set necessary boundaries. And now I’m ready to “write free.”

And because of the post-conference, adrenaline-letdown exhaustion, I am going to re-run an article now. “Finding Energy to Pursue Goals” deals in more detail with the subject of boundary setting to protect your writing energy.

Go for it!

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