Re-Learning Time Management Lessons

Because my toddler granddaughter is with me this week, I’ve been reviewing some “time management” ideas.

Usually, with grandkids, I let everything go while they’re here. But this week I have deadlines and need to work. So it’s time to re-learn some lessons!

I started with my own blog to see what has worked for me in the past. Maybe you could use the review too.

Relearning some lessons:

Where’s My Time Go? Do you feel as if you’re forever running to catch up and keep up? Is finding any time at all to write a challenge for you? If so, you’ll need to simplify your life—choose what really matters—and slow your pace. But HOW?


The Scheduling Habit Getting into the writing habit is difficult, especially in the early years of writing. Our lives are full to overflowing already, so where can we possibly fit in some writing? How can we form a consistent writing habit when our schedules change from day to day, depending on our obligations?


I hope this review helps you re-instate some “slipped” writing habits. It’s helped me! But now…some little voice is calling me!

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