31 Minutes for 31 Days: the Challenge

Time to dust off those dreams! Join me in a kick-start challenge for the new year!

It may seem early for this–after all, we haven’t had Christmas yet–but now is the time to think about your goals and dreams.

Time to Re-Boot

After the hustle-bustle of the holidays and kids home for vacation, getting back into a writing routine is often the first challenge of the new year.

If that’s your usual post-holiday situation, then check out Katia Raina’s “Gimme 31 for Your Dreams: A Challenge and A Giveaway.” The help you need could be right here.

Call to Action

Who qualifies for Katia’s challenge? In her own words:

It’s really for anyone who has a serious dream but has been frustrated by lack of time and energy, assaulted by procrastination, tortured by doubts into apathy.

No matter how young — or how old you are – no matter how big your dream (or how small, I suppose), my goal with this challenge is to get you back upon your feet, or get you started, or just let you give yourself a chance.

You’ll want to read the entire post about resurrecting your writing dreams, but here is Katia’s challenge in a nutshell:

During those 31 days, I want each one of you busy dreamers to give me 31 minutes of your precious time. Pick the time of the day that works best for you. Think in advance about your dream. Put a timer on. Seriously, do it. Use a timer. And once it’s on, rush to the computer (or your studio, or whatever), and do the work. No breaks. Thirty-one minutes. Write. Paint. Meditate (if that’s your dream). Thirty-one measly minutes. Don’t be stingy with me. That’s not much, I’m asking.

Little kids? Demanding full-time jobs? I don’t care. If you have time to be reading this blog, you have 31 minutes to spare to your dream.

I’m joining the “31 minutes for 31 days” challenge in January, and I hope you will sign up too. I am particularly pleased to do this because Katia is a former student of mine. I love seeing a nurtured writer who is now nurturing other writers’ dreams.

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