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If you have identified some boundary issues in your life after reading the past five posts (links below), I’d like to encourage you to go further in my 70-page Boundaries for Writers e-book.

The blog series could only touch lightly on a few of the topics listed in the e-book. You can read more about it here and order a copy through my website.

If the subject of boundaries is new to you, start here with the blog series:

If you recognize yourself in these articles–or you recognize a few boundary busters in your life–consider buying my $7 e-book, Boundaries for Writers. Below is a 12-chapter Table of Contents.

 Table of Contents

 Chapter One “Why Writers Need Boundaries: Guarding Your Writer’s Heart” … 3

Chapter Two “Four Essential Types of Personal Boundaries” …8

Chapter Three “How Healthy Are Your Boundaries? A Quiz” … 12

Chapter Four “Rebuilding Boundaries” …21

Chapter Five “Setting Boundaries on Rejection and Other Business Matters” … 29

Chapter Six “A Special Kind of Boundary: Time” … 35

Chapter Seven “People Pleasers and Boundary Busters: A Marriage Made in Heaven”…42

Chapter Eight “Pleasures to Lift the Spirits: Boundaries for Self-Care” … 46

Chapter Nine “Boundaries with Friends and Family” … 51

Chapter Ten “Living with Severe Boundary Busters” … 58

Chapter Eleven “Are Boundaries Scriptural?” … 65

Chapter Twelve “Resources” … 69


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6 Responses to Boundaries for Writers E-book Available

  1. Vijaya says:

    Kristi, Congratulations!!! I know several people who struggle with boundary issues so what a wonderful resource.

    • kwpadmin says:

      Vijaya, that is certainly true, judging from the amount of email sent to me privately about several of the posts. From mild to severe, most of us have “issues” in one area or another. 8-) Mine tend to creep back up on me when I’m not looking too!

  2. Well, Kristi, I’m trusting you. I have been having a horrible day and it’s all related to boundary issues. I probably shouldn’t buy things in the heat of emotion, but you’ve never led me wrong before, so… *breathe* …I think I know very well you have the answers, I’m just hoping I can make those answers WORK! :)

    • kwpadmin says:

      rockinlibrarian, almost every helpful book I ever bought was bought in the heat of emotion. :-) I guess I have to get “heated up” enough about something before I do something concrete to change things. The e-book ideas will help if you’re having boundary issues, and if they are severe (or just ones that are ingrained for years) the additional resources can point you in the right direction. Hear’s to recovery!

  3. Deanna says:

    I’m loving your book! Haven’t had time to get very far into it, but I’ve already found strength and encouragement.

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