I hear it from writers almost on a daily basis. “I can’t find time or energy to write!” Or “If I take time to write, everything else falls apart!”

The idea of living balanced lives is popping up everywhere. It’s definitely a sign of the times and indicative that many feel out of balance. There are articles online for specific people (finding balance as a lawyer) and even websites for finding balance for your dog!

Take Time to Ponder

For your weekend reading pleasure and inspiration, here are some additional ideas and resources for rebalancing your life. [I'm not endorsing all these websites where I found the articles. Some are good, but some are not my cup of tea. The articles have merit though.]

Enjoy the articles. Just remember, though, that nothing will change unless we actually put into practice the suggestions and ideas. Start small. Choose one idea and put it into practice for a week or a month. Then add another one.

Slowly, but Surely….

Even if you only add one new small balancing habit per month, that would give you a dozen new “balanced living habits” in a year. That’s bound to make a difference!

What do YOU do to keep your life in balance? Is there a trick or habit you could share?

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4 Responses to Ready…Set…Balance!

  1. Great article, and thanks for the plug.

    Finding balance … agh, I’m struggling with that one right now!! Just finished two term papers – one last night and one this afternoon.


    • kwpadmin says:

      TWO term papers! That’s impressive!!

      I feel like I’ve been trying to gain or maintain balance all of my writing life, to be honest. Just when you achieve it (that one perfect week per year), something comes along to unbalance everything. I guess that’s life! :-)

  2. You are right, balance is a shifting, elusive quality. I certainly wasn’t balanced during this writing and class period (which is still going on).

    Visitors are still coming to my blog from your reference here. Thank you for that.

    I thought I would show you a more recent post I did along this theme (not for you to plug, but just to let you know about it for your reading, if you’d care to). It is here:

    Thanks again.

    • kwpadmin says:

      Warren, thank you for the link! I will check it out for sure. I have been working lately to balance my energy outgo with my rest input, as I tend to leave out the “rest and recovery” part when time gets tight (which it often seems to be). So your blog title intrigues me! :-)

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