Sharing Vs. Selling: a Confession

Recently I read an excellent article called “Sharing vs. selling (with 3 exploitative examples)”. According to the authors, selling is good, and sharing is good, but sometimes we mislead people (intentionally or not).

I might be guilty of that. If so, I want to clear up any misconceptions with today’s post.

To quote the authors:

Sharing is free.

People who say it’s sharing when it’s actually selling often have something to hide.

And if you’re a seller – especially of coaching or information products – be very mindful about saying you’re excited to share something when you’re actually excited to sell something.

It can look shady.

People who don’t like selling–which applies to most writers I know–can be vague about this distinction. We can say, “I’m excited to share my new product with you” when we truly mean, “I hope you will buy my new product.” We think by using the word “share” that it softens the “hard sell” approach. It doesn’t. It just confuses people.

I know that I hate selling, and I wonder if I’ve been guilty of causing this “confusion” in the past. I honestly don’t know, and I’m not going to take the time to sift through old blog posts and Facebook and Twitter posts to see.

If I have said “share” where it would have been truthful to say “sell,” I apologize. In that vein, I need to make the distinction below between what I have to SHARE and what I have to SELL.

Sharing is Free

I am very happy to share these free e-books, sample chapters, long articles/series with you:

Selling Costs Money

I don’t sell a lot through my blog and website, but these items will cost money:

I hope this clears up any confusion you may have felt in the past. I will be scrupulously clear in the future!

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