Voice: Being YOU Is More Than Enough

This weekend I want you to think deeply about a quote I’m going to share with you. It’s from a book I am reading for the third time. Only this time, I am actually doing the exercises in each chapter!

It’s Les Edgerton’s Finding Your Voice:¬†How to Put Personality in Your Writing. Editors are always looking for “new voices,” and Edgerton claims that your individual voice is the most important distinctive thing you bring to the page.

Think About This

Here’s the quote. (First he talks about the fact that for the vast majority of us writers, there will always be someone who can write funnier, or deeper, or with more clever character names and beginnings, etc.) Then he says this:

The point being, no matter what you write, there’s a good chance that someone else may do the same thing better.

There’s only one thing another writer can’t do better than you.

And, it only happens to be the most important thing a writer can possess.


Your voice.

They can’t get your personality on their page. And, since a personal voice is the single most important component of writing and the single most important element leading to success, no matter how good the competition may be, you’ve got an edge on them by simply being you.

Think about that this weekend. I believe that it’s true. Then do whatever you need to do to eliminate any beige “writerly” voice you’ve acquired–and get in touch with your own special, distinctive voice. Put that voice on the page.

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2 Responses to Voice: Being YOU Is More Than Enough

  1. Millie says:

    Thank you! This is so true. There are many writers that do a much better job than I do, and sometimes it really gets to me. But I know people like what I write – I do receive compliments. One day as I was riding in my car listening to different songs on the radio I realized that you can’t truly compare any artist. I LIKED all the songs, but they were all different. They all evoked different emotions in me. I’m sure every one of those songs was a favorite to someone – the same thing can be said of my writing vs. someone else’s. It’s not a comparison. Is a rose better than a tulip? They are different from each other and both are unique to themselves.

    • kwpadmin says:

      Millie, that is a perfect comparison. Is a rose better than a tulip? Is one song you love better than another song you love? I think the comparison to writing is so very true. I have several “favorite” authors with different voices, but I sure love them all too!

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