Draining a Writer’s Reserves

“To create, one cannot be constantly other focused.” Gail Sheehy

[I wish I had written the following article, but I didn't. You should read it though, and maybe even print it out. It's called "Encroachment," and it's by Robin La Fevers.]


“The pressing demands of daily life have a rather sobering ability to suck all of the creative oxygen out of a room. They don’t even have to be big, catastrophic type demands. Sometimes simply the endless dripping of life’s mundanities can wear away our reserves until there is nothing left. There are just so very many ways to be pulled in the direction of others–in spite of how necessary facing inward is in order to give free voice to our creativity…”  To read the rest of this excellent article, go here.  And if you decide that you need help setting and enforcing boundaries, see my e-book Boundaries for Writers.

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2 Responses to Draining a Writer’s Reserves

  1. So loved this article and so related to it. I’m printing it out to read whenever I need a boost. Thanks for pointing it out, Kristi.

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