Encouragement for the Weekend

It’s been crunch time for the last month, finishing up two books that are due soon and getting ready to travel to Honesdale to co-teach a Highlights “Writing with Hope” workshop. And, of course, my computer decided to die now. I had no idea what a learning curve there would be in graduating from my old XP to Windows 8.

So…what do I do when I need encouragement myself to keep going? I browse through Feedly for likely looking posts. I was not disappointed.

For your weekend reading pleasure, here is a sampling of the best I read. Let these articles encourage you too!

  1. Don’t Put Your Project on Standby is full of terrific tips! One of them–watering your idea–is something that will help me right now.
  2. Are You Writing the Right Story? has some great thought-provoking questions that could keep you from wasting months of writing time on the wrong story.
  3. If you only have time to read one article, you might want to make it Myth-Busting—The Real Difference Between Introverts & Extroverts & Meet the Ambivert. It’s the best thing I read this week.
  4. The Care and Feeding of … WORDS! also took away a lot of the pressure I was feeling. Rest! I needed this message.
  5. And 5 Writing Tips and Tricks You Can Use Today will jump-start your writing in no time at all.
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4 Responses to Encouragement for the Weekend

  1. Vijaya says:

    Kristi, I feel your pain … my computer died last year right before I was presenting at a conference and I was almost in tears at the completely new interface I had to learn in the space of a week. Found out that it did not have the old jacks, but luckily the tech guy at the univ. had all the adaptors and gizmos to get me through. Whew!

    Have a great time at Honesdale. I still remember the wonderful 3 days we spent together.

    • kwpadmin says:

      Just wish you could be there again this year with us, Vijaya. It will be a little different–COLDER–but I’m really looking forward to it again. The computer is working fine, but finding things that have MOVED is tricky. :-)

  2. Diane Morgera says:

    Thank you for this, just the jump start I needed. Also, thank you for Feedly, I never heard of it.

    • kwpadmin says:

      You’re welcome, Diane! I used to use another reader–on Google, I think–but it “folded” and I had to move to another free one a year or so ago. Feedly works well!

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