A Writing Retreat with Friends

Retreat… Just saying the word is soothing.

While it is taking some planning and shifting of events, I believe I’ll be able to carve out two or three days for a personal writing retreat. Given the price of gas and hotels, though, I’m looking seriously at Judy’s ideas for how to do a retreat at home. (I’m referring again The Writer’s Retreat Kit: A Guide for Creative Exploration and Personal Expression by Judy Reeves.)

Adding Friends

After I do a mini retreat on my own, I’m thinking about trying one early in the new year with a writing friend or two. This quote from her book is what got me to thinking:

“For some of us, much of the joy of going on a writing retreat comes from spending time with other writers. Who else truly understands our need for solitude, our particular quirkiness, our mutterings and frustrations, our joys and disappointments? Who else speaks our language and comprehends the nuances of our silences? Other writers are our creative soulmates, kindred spirits, members of the same tribe. Not all writers, mind you, but those particular few whom we’ve come to know and love and trust with our tender hearts. Going on a writing retreat with a few chosen others, or a single best writer-friend, can deepen our connection with one another and with our writing.”

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? What about you? Is there a favorite writer-friend that you’d enjoy having along for a mini retreat of one day or two?

Nuts and Bolts Practicalities

If you had it at someone’s home, it wouldn’t have to cost anything. Retreaters could even go home to their own comfy beds at night. Retreating from 9-5, with plenty of time for writing exercises, solitude, journaling, talking, eating, walking (and writing on your novel if you felt so moved) would be a rejuvenating experience with the right people.

I’m going to give this some thought and see what my writing friends think!

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6 Responses to A Writing Retreat with Friends

  1. love this idea! Thanks for the inspiration

    • kwpadmin says:

      I’m planning one right now with a favorite writing friend, and I think planning it is half the fun. :-) I’ve done several with her in the past ten years, and she’s very “low maintenance,” which is important!

  2. Hi Kristi,

    I have thought about this and would love to find another writer or two that I could connect to in my area and do a writing retreat at my summer cottage. I’m going think on it some more also.

    Thanks for this post. It has me thinking of something I had put on the back burner.


    • kwpadmin says:

      Meline, try a few one-day retreats while you “test” out other writers to find a good fit. You can tell a lot about how well you mesh with certain people in short, inexpensive retreats before inviting them to your summer cottage. Good luck!

  3. Vijaya says:

    My favorite place to write is at home … and I would dearly love for my husband to take the kids on a camping trip. It’s been a while since I’ve been home alone. My best writing retreat was one Thanksgiving week when my husband took the kids and his parents for a week to Disney World. I stayed home to care for the pets. Grin. Not only are they fuuy and get me outside for my walks, but they give me the perfect excuse to stay home.

    I have a couple of writer friends who are just as introverted as I am with whom I’d love to have a writing retreat. I’d love to do this in Honesdale. Oh, to be taken care of so fabulously and do shop-talk, but then to have a cabin of your own to write. I’m dreaming … I cherish the time I had with you and Paula and our Hope group!

    • kwpadmin says:

      Vijaya, I can totally relate to your dream of a Honesdale cabin alone, but kindred soul writers to meet with! Yes, our Hope group was very special. :-)

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