When Deadlines Meet the Holidays

I love having deadlines. I really do. It means money will be coming in for my daily writing, as long as I meet those deadlines. But when overlapping deadlines meet Thanksgiving and Christmas (and all the dinners, shopping, cards and company that go with it), I feel my internal panic button set to go off.

Missing the holiday fun isn’t an option to me. I love the family get-togethers, the grandkids’ Christmas concerts, and the church events. I’ve already streamlined cards and shopping over the years.

Even so, I look at my calendar on the one hand, and how much revision still needs to be done on the other hand–and GULP.

What To Do?

It’s been a few years since I had multiple contracts to juggle, but I’m no stranger to the panic that can hit a writer at ANY time. If this applies to you–or just being able to write at all during the holidays–I’ll direct you to some easy solutions. [Yes, it's true. When I'm stuck these days, I read my own blog or writing books to help myself "remember" what I already know will work.]

Deadlines, Holidays, Writing and Fun!

Just re-reading my posts defused my inner panic button. I remember! Mini habits…easy starting…daily success… Bring on the holidays!

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2 Responses to When Deadlines Meet the Holidays

  1. Damon Dean says:

    Thanks Kristi, for a great review of these basic ummmphs so important to writing persistence: habit, muscle, homage, and vision.

    • kwpadmin says:

      Hi, Damon. It’s all pretty basic, isn’t it? Sometimes we writers try to make things complicated, but so often it comes down to small goals persistently chased! :-)

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