My Writing Life in Pictures

This is my story the past few weeks…

I’m writing every day, many hours per day.

I’m reading and researching every day.

I have several contracts to fulfill, which is pleasant.

(Story continues below…)



This is me most evenings.

A darkened room, five minutes of reading for fun, and then blessed sleep.

(Story continues below…)





I have learned the difference finally.

I’m not busy on social media.

But I’m producing thousands of words these days.

I’m just missing three things.

(Story finishes below.)

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6 Responses to My Writing Life in Pictures

  1. Kristi, you always know how to bring a smile.

    Write ON!


  2. Deanna Barnes says:

    Love it!

  3. AllyM says:

    Beautifully “said” & I agree wholeheartedly with the last picture. :)
    I have 3 under 3 right now (& a 7) & if I could bottle their energy I’d have the elixir of youth.

    A secret I have found is not to forget to play. ;)

    • kwpadmin says:

      Ally, you’re so right about remembering to play! I have my little grandchildren here often (the ages of your little ones) and I laugh more then than at any other time of my week! :-)

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