Celebrating Freedom….for Writers

Sometimes, in order find freedom, you have to take the exit pointed out for you.

Last week was one of those weeks.

And at the end of this post, I’ll share with you a very easy path to the freedom to focus.

Losing Focus

I had reached the middle of a novel, one thoroughly plotted out, mind you, but when I actually analyzed it scene by scene, the plot was quite thin. It needed a subplot to beef up the middle, but it couldn’t be any old subplot. It’s a mystery, so it had to tie in with the main story PLUS add important clues and intrigue. Once added, it also meant going through the whole novel and seeing how the subplot would change all kinds of things.

My solution? Acorn TV! I love British TV, and for $4.99 a month, you can watch all the classics you want. But did it help me plot the sagging middle of my novel? No.

So I stopped watching TV, tried to think of a subplot, and went to check email, then post photos of outings with my grandkids on Facebook, and check the local weather station (even though I didn’t plan to go anywhere.) When I am having trouble with my writing, the Internet is my all-time biggest time waster.

A Semi-Solution Is Not Freedom

The day I had the most trouble, I packed up and went to the library study room where I can’t get their free Internet, for some reason. I got quite a lot done, but someone there was playing video games. It surely left him half deaf because I could hear it perfectly despite his ear buds. And it was so cold in there! I’d forgotten to bring a jacket, a must for anywhere indoors in Texas during the summer months.

I prefer working at home in my office, but I will do what I have to do to concentrate. Today I had the same focusing problem, but I couldn’t leave home this time. We had city inspectors coming to make sure the new doors and windows had been installed properly. And of course, the very busy inspector didn’t come till the end of the day. Did I get any writing done?

YES! A lot! And here’s how.

Best Kind of Freedom

I remembered some software I’d bought a few years ago for a whopping $10 called FREEDOM. It simply blocks the Internet for as long as you choose. I blocked it four hours this morning and could focus so easily then! After lunch and checking email, I blocked it for another three hours and wrote. I haven’t had such a productive day in a long time. When you stop interrupting your own thought processes with tiny snippets of information online, you can actually stick with a writing problem long enough to solve it.

Check it out. The Freedom software is still the same low price; it works on Windows and Mac computers, plus other devices.

Want to restore your freedom to focus? Check it out! (It even comes with an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.) You can’t go wrong.

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