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How to Fix A Writer’s Fragmented Life

I always blog on Tuesdays. Except yesterday. My grandkids had been here for a couple of days of hiking, water fights, reading and laughing. I had planned to blog last night, but I had a meeting at my house to … Continue reading

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I hear it from writers almost on a daily basis. “I can’t find time or energy to write!” Or “If I take time to write, everything else falls apart!” The idea of living balanced lives is popping up everywhere. It’s … Continue reading

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How to Recover Your Writing Energy–All Day Long!

You don’t want to be a sprinter in the writing life. You want to be a marathon writer. To do so requires “ebb and flow” throughout your day. The tide goes out all day (energy spent writing and doing writing-related … Continue reading

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How to Create the “Not To-Do” List

Back in March, I wrote about pruning some things from life in order to have more time to write. (See my former post “The ‘Not To-Do’ List”.) In order to make time for anything new in your life, it requires … Continue reading

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For Your Holiday Weekend

When you take a break on this hot Fourth of July weekend, try some of these articles. They’ll keep you in a writing frame of mind! What If You Think You Might Be a Mediocre Fiction Writer? Every novelist hits the point, sooner … Continue reading

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