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Honor the Process

Every piece of new writing is a voyage into the unknown. There are things you can do that help the writing process–many things! There are just as many that dishonor the writing process. Wiser published writers than I am often … Continue reading

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Creative Composting for Writers

When I started writing, I lived on an Iowa farm, in a county known nationwide as the “black dirt capital of the world.” Record crops were grown there, in the most nutrient-dense soil in the country. Then I moved to … Continue reading

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Germination Phase

[Read about the first phase here: preparing to write.] The second stage, called the germination stage by Louise De Salvo Ph.D. in Writing as a Way of Healing, is a time “during which we gather and work on fragments of … Continue reading

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Key #3: Loosen Up

This Key-3 step is designed to help you get fully involved with your writing. [See the previous three blog posts for the introduction to flow and the first two keys.] Writing in Flow author Susan Perry says, “To allow your … Continue reading

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Writing in Flow to Make Writing Fun

One of my writing goals for 2015 is learning how to recapture the “fun” of writing. I love having a writing career and being published, but sometimes I long for the days when it was more enjoyable to write. I remember … Continue reading

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