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Writing Life: the Reality

“Life is difficult,” wrote M. Scott Peck in his famous book The Road Less Traveled. “This … is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it… Once it is accepted, the fact that life is … Continue reading

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Rejection Stamina: How Much Can YOU Take?

I was reading an old Writer Magazine yesterday, and the article about best-selling (as in over 15 million copies) Meg Cabot caught my eye. She said you need to block out what you read about “overnight successes” in the publishing business. … Continue reading

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Frustration and the Serenity Prayer for Writers

This has been a frustrating week on several levels. When I’m frustrated, it’s usually a sign that I’m trying to control something I can’t control. This can be a person or a situation or an event. The process can churn … Continue reading

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For Your Holiday Weekend

When you take a break on this hot Fourth of July weekend, try some of these articles. They’ll keep you in a writing frame of mind! What If You Think You Might Be a Mediocre Fiction Writer? Every novelist hits the point, sooner … Continue reading

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Fillers and Drainers

I heard a sermon recently about life being filled with “fillers” and “drainers.” The pastor was talking about people, of course. Fillers are people who know how to encourage you and build you up. Drainers are in your life because … Continue reading

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