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Honor the Process

Every piece of new writing is a voyage into the unknown. There are things you can do that help the writing process–many things! There are just as many that dishonor the writing process. Wiser published writers than I am often … Continue reading

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Stage 4: Maintaining Long-Term Success

At last, success! If you’ve taken time to do each of the previous steps, congratulate yourself. It’s been time well spent. But if you’ve done the work, you want it to last. That brings us to Stage 4 for making … Continue reading

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Writing Life: the Reality

“Life is difficult,” wrote M. Scott Peck in his famous book The Road Less Traveled. “This … is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it… Once it is accepted, the fact that life is … Continue reading

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Keeping the Dream Alive

Lately all my technology has decided to bite the dust. I’ve replaced the computer, the camera, and the Kindle. To this full-time writer, $$$ “emergencies” often mean taking on writing projects that will pay NOW. For me, that’s writing books … Continue reading

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Writer Imaging (Part 3)

(First read “Writer Imaging” Part 1 and Part 2.) Here are the final attributes of a happy writing life… 4. Staying focused on the positive. View your writing life as a series of opportunities and growth experiences, even though some … Continue reading

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