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Are Your Writing Dreams Big Enough? Shoot for the Moon!

As 2011 winds down and we put away the reminders of the holidays, our writing minds naturally turn to 2012. It’s time to dust off some forgotten dreams, review met and unmet goals listed for 2011, and decide where we … Continue reading

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Unhappiness: a Positive Sign

Have you ever considered the fact that unhappiness is the first step along the writer’s path? “Toddlers are bursting with the anxiety and helplessness of having feelings that they can’t get anybody around them to understand. They don’t even have … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

When I read nonfiction books, I underline important parts. Next to very important sections, I put a star. If the passage really touched something deep in me, it gets a star within a circle. Over the holiday weekend, I had … Continue reading

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Stage One: Exploration

If success is a journey, where are you along this continuum? As we go through the five stages of success–and learn to celebrate each stage–you’ll see each milestone for what it is: a huge victory. Getting Started As I mentioned … Continue reading

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Fillers and Drainers

I heard a sermon recently about life being filled with “fillers” and “drainers.” The pastor was talking about people, of course. Fillers are people who know how to encourage you and build you up. Drainers are in your life because … Continue reading

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