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Overloaded Lives

Do you have any margins left in your life? Or is your life marginless? For a long time, I’ve known that something was wrong. People everywhere, of all ages and walks of life, are frazzled. People are anxious and depressed. … Continue reading

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Calming the Writer’s Soul

I sat down to write four times this morning, but my mind simply wouldn’t stop jumping the tracks. One second I’d be thinking, “This backstory paragraph slows down the opening and should be moved.”┬áThe next minute, with a catch in … Continue reading

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Wounds from the Game

During the 1988 Jamboree encampment of 32,000 Boy Scouts, one troop (38 Scouts) led the entire Jamboree in cuts treated at the medical tent. The huge number of nicks from busy knives sounded negative until someone toured the camp and … Continue reading

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Writing to Heal

How essential is writing to your basic well-being? Does not writing distress you? I’ve been thinking about these questions this week as I’ve journaled and worked through the book Writing For Emotional Balance: A Guided Journal To Help You Manage … Continue reading

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