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Attention, Writers! (It’s a Choice)

If you’re traveling west, you’ll end up in California. Go East, and you might land in New York instead. The direction you choose determines your destination. But what makes you choose one direction over the other? For most people, it’s … Continue reading

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Frustration and the Serenity Prayer for Writers

This has been a frustrating week on several levels. When I’m frustrated, it’s usually a sign that I’m trying to control something I can’t control. This can be a person or a situation or an event. The process can churn … Continue reading

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How to Fix A Writer’s Fragmented Life

I always blog on Tuesdays. Except yesterday. My grandkids had been here for a couple of days of hiking, water fights, reading and laughing. I had planned to blog last night, but I had a meeting at my house to … Continue reading

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Warning: Stop Shifting and Drifting

Have you ever noticed that we never drift in good directions? If you want to accomplish anything, it has to be by choice. “Drift” is our default setting when we allow outside distractions to capture our attention. Have you drifted away … Continue reading

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Focus: Are You Centered Or Are You Fragmented?

Any writing day can feel overwhelming if you’re trying to juggle several projects. Right now, I’m proofing a book due next week, finishing one not due for a while, and plotting a novel to get ready for NaNoWriMo. I blog and … Continue reading

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