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Stage 3: Taking Action

Ready for Stage 3? It’s about taking action. (First read The Dynamics of Change, Stage 1: Making Up Your Mind, and Stage 2: Committing to Change.) If you’ve done your homework in Stages 1 and 2, you’re probably more excited about … Continue reading

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Writers Starting Right

Happy New Year! I don’t know what it is about having a CLEAN calendar, but it gives most people the urge to begin something new. Proof is well documented, though, that new year’s goals and resolutions rarely last through January. I’m … Continue reading

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2015: Chapter One

Beginning the new year is much like writing a new book. We have an idea, and we’re working out the details. There’s excitement, high hopes, blank pages, and a sense that anything can happen. This could be our best year … Continue reading

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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…oh my!

Deadlines, and funerals, and a computer virus…oh my! It’s been one of those weeks! (Photo courtesy of A Few Days Later It’s the weekend, and I’m more tired than I’ve been in a good long while.  And with the … Continue reading

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A Writer’s HAPPY New Year

I finished my 2014 list of goals and exchanged them with a writing friend. We have been doing this for several years. This year, though, making my list (and reading hers) left me exhausted and depressed. Not the “happy new … Continue reading

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