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In Your “Write” Mind

Do you think about what you’re thinking about? You should! Controlling Toxic Thoughts I’ve been reading a lot lately about current brain research and the huge impact our thoughts have on our creativity, our health, and how we use our … Continue reading

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Course Corrections

I recently read that the trajectory of the successful Apollo moon rocket was “off course” 90 percent of its flight–and yet… It still reached the moon! How did that happen? Scientists acknowledged the deviations from the expected path. They repeatedly … Continue reading

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Thinking: First Backward and Then Forward

Soon my writing friend and I will¬†Skype¬†for a few hours about our 2013 goals. We’ll discuss what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve given up on, and what is still challenging (and defeating) us. Current State of Affairs In past years at … Continue reading

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Weekend Gems

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are four articles I think you’ll find inspiring and practical. (We need both!) Bookmark them all, or save them to Evernote, and each time you need a break from your writing, read one of … Continue reading

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Chop! Chop! Writing in 20-Minute Slices

Thirty years ago I read an article that said writing was like eating a salami. You’d choke if you tried to swallow the whole thing at once. Slice by slice, though, it was easy. Life has been hectic lately, with … Continue reading

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