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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…oh my!

Deadlines, and funerals, and a computer virus…oh my! It’s been one of those weeks! (Photo courtesy of A Few Days Later It’s the weekend, and I’m more tired than I’ve been in a good long while.  And with the … Continue reading

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Beware! Burnout Ahead!

Published writers, beware! “Writing is not everything,” Lisa Shearin said in a 2010 Writer Magazine. “And if you want longevity in this business, play isn’t just important–it’s critical. We get so intensely focused on having achieved the dream and working … Continue reading

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Writing Through Physical Pain

When my kids were toddlers and in grade school, I was wired shut for eleven weeks after two jaw surgeries. I’d had some health problems over the years, but being wired shut topped them all. I couldn’t talk to my … Continue reading

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Writer Diagnosis: Failure to Thrive

“Psychologists have begun to speak of what is perhaps the largest mental health problem in our day. It is not depression or anxiety, at least not at clinical levels. It is languishing—a failure to thrive.” ~~John Ortberg, The Me I … Continue reading

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To Survive as a Writer: Finding Margin

Certain Type A personalities seem to thrive on overloaded lives, but most writers don’t. Our best ideas – and energy to write about them – require some peace and quiet, some “down” time. To get that, we must rebuild margin … Continue reading

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