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The Gift of Time

It isn’t my birthday or Christmas or Mother’s Day, but it feels like it today. Why? Because I’ve decided to give myself a wonderful gift now. The gift of time. I’ve been writing and publishing since my kids were babies. … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Need to Prune: Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally

The natural tendency of grape vines is to grow shoots and leaves rather than produce an abundant crop of grapes. Each year, in order to have an abundant crop, unproductive parts of the plant must be cut away. Writers are … Continue reading

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Get Priorities Straight! (But How?)

Thank you for the wonderful comments, both here and on Facebook, regarding my change in priorities and the decision to cut down from blogging three times per week to just once per week. In addition to the “me, too!” comments, … Continue reading

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My good writing friend, Sherryl, and I were Skyping¬†about a seriously time-consuming writing project we’d like to take on together. Since we both spend our lives constantly trying to squeeze out five more spare minutes, we realized that something in … Continue reading

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Choosing Not to Care

A month ago I wrote about the “Tug of War in Finding Balance.” “Doing our best has limits,” says Richard Swenson, author of Margins. “Our rush toward excellence in one quadrant of life must not be permitted to cause destruction¬†in … Continue reading

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