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Beware the Fuzzies–and Focus!

“How’s your focus?” It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with lately. Last year my calendar was so full of very good things, but I was frequently exhausted and vaguely dissatisfied. (Well, not vaguely actually. It was a very pointed dissatisfaction … Continue reading

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The Gift of Time

It isn’t my birthday or Christmas or Mother’s Day, but it feels like it today. Why? Because I’ve decided to give myself a wonderful gift now. The gift of time. I’ve been writing and publishing since my kids were babies. … Continue reading

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Writers Running on Adrenaline

What fuel are you running on? Many writers these days are frantically running from place to place, working too many hours, volunteering for too many projects, working nights and weekends hoping for approval. On top of that, in order to … Continue reading

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Combine Babies and Bylines

  I started writing when I had an infant, a two-year-old, and a preschooler. I wrote throughout their school years, their teen years, their college/adult years, and now full circle when I am babysitting grandkids. The (survival) skills you need … Continue reading

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Key #1: Have a Reason to Write

[First read Part 1 of the series called "Writing in Flow to Make Writing Fun."] The first key that Susan K. Perry mentions in Writing in Flow is this: have a reason to write. I’m going to break this into … Continue reading

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