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Climbing Out of a Writing Hole

“How does a project get a year behind schedule? One day at a time.” ~~Fred Brooks (IBM computer software developer) While I’m not behind a whole year on my current writing project, this question has been ricocheting around in my mind … Continue reading

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Honor the Process

Every piece of new writing is a voyage into the unknown. There are things you can do that help the writing process–many things! There are just as many that dishonor the writing process. Wiser published writers than I am often … Continue reading

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Writer Imaging (Part 3)

(First read “Writer Imaging” Part 1 and Part 2.) Here are the final attributes of a happy writing life… 4. Staying focused on the positive. View your writing life as a series of opportunities and growth experiences, even though some … Continue reading

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Achieving the Writing Life of Your Dreams

Achieving the writing life of your dreams–is it possible? Are you closer to it than you were a year ago? Here are some great articles to read and consider if you hope to make the dream of a writing life … Continue reading

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Calling All Introverts!

I laughed out loud when I read the quote below–mostly because it describes me so well. How about you? “You have your day scheduled out, given over to the expectations of others. You brace yourself for what’s ahead. Then you … Continue reading

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