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Beware! Burnout Ahead

“Writing is not everything,” says Lisa Shearin in Writer Magazine. “And if you want longevity in this business, play isn’t just important–it’s critical. We get so intensely focused on having achieved the dream and working so hard to keep the … Continue reading

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How the Chunky Method Saved My Life

A couple of months ago, after being sick and traveling and meeting two book deadlines, I stalled when given some unwelcome health news which required tests and more tests. I got really, really behind on an adult mystery, and for … Continue reading

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Resting and Reflecting Before Re-Aligning

Since I last posted regularly, I’ve written three books (two adult mysteries and one juvenile nonfiction book), traveled, and been sick. The holidays blurred by, to be honest, because one of the book deadlines was December 20th. Two days ago … Continue reading

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The Writing Life: Stopping “Unintentional Acceleration Syndrome”

Have you ever had the experience of driving a car which suddenly–and for no apparent reason–accelerates? Applying the brakes has no effect. It sometimes happens with certain defects in cars, and while the driver can see the accident about to … Continue reading

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Saying YES to the Writer Inside You

Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I don’t know about that. I’ve had some bigger agonies in my life than that. HOWEVER, after several years of burying an untold story inside … Continue reading

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