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Rejection Stamina: How Much Can YOU Take?

I was reading an old¬†Writer Magazine yesterday, and the article about best-selling (as in over 15 million copies) Meg Cabot caught my eye. She said you need to block out what you read about “overnight successes” in the publishing business. … Continue reading

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To Change or Not to Change: That is the Question

During the conference I attended last week, I must have asked thirty people how their editor and agent “pitching” appointments went. Many of the writers were told to go ahead and submit their full manuscripts. Joy! Even more, though, had … Continue reading

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Believe in Your Writing

Critiques are very valuable, but in the end, you have to be the judge of your own stories. You have to believe in your own writing. And trust me, negative critiques come to everyone. I was reminded of such a … Continue reading

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