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Climbing Out of a Writing Hole

“How does a project get a year behind schedule? One day at a time.”¬†~~Fred Brooks (IBM computer software developer) While I’m not behind a whole year on my current writing project, this question has been ricocheting around in my mind … Continue reading

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The Gift of Time

It isn’t my birthday or Christmas or Mother’s Day, but it feels like it today. Why? Because I’ve decided to give myself a wonderful gift now. The gift of time. I’ve been writing and publishing since my kids were babies. … Continue reading

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How the Chunky Method Saved My Life

A couple of months ago, after being sick and traveling and meeting two book deadlines, I stalled when given some unwelcome health news which required tests and more tests. I got really, really behind on an adult mystery, and for … Continue reading

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The Completion Stage

The past two weeks, I’ve talked about the stages we go through in our writing projects, including the challenges at each stage and ways to keep from derailing. After we have prepared the work-in-progress, let it¬†germinate, worked on it, then … Continue reading

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The Deepening and Shaping Stages

In this series we’re discussing the seven specific stages you go through from beginning to end with a writing project. There is potential for both growth and failure at each stage. (First read about the preparation stage, the germination stage, … Continue reading

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