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Creative Composting for Writers

When I started writing, I lived on an Iowa farm, in a county known nationwide as the “black dirt capital of the world.” Record crops were grown there, in the most nutrient-dense soil in the country. Then I moved to … Continue reading

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Unlocking Your Potential

Winston Churchill once said, “Continuous effort–not strength or intelligence–is the key to unlocking our potential.” I believe he’s right. Over the years, the writers I’ve seen succeed were the ones who refused to give up. I’ve been surprised sometimes too. … Continue reading

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Jane Austen and Me

I’ve been thinking about Jane Austen a lot since visiting her home in Chawton, England, in September. Another time and another place, but some lessons to learn that apply to me as a writer today. Kinship of Writers Jane’s home … Continue reading

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Successes and Setbacks

“The only copy of your manuscript is stolen from your car. Articles and stories come back with unfailing rejection…Finances grow ever more perilous. This is, with variations, the script for the first ten or fifteen years of many successful writers’ … Continue reading

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Writing Momentum: the Unexpected Bonus

During the six weeks so far of running the October-November writing challenges, I have rarely missed writing daily. My goal for putting my writing firstĀ each day was to accumulate more pages. Despite a couple of personal setbacks, that has certainly … Continue reading

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