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Stage 3: Taking Action

Ready for Stage 3? It’s about┬átaking action. (First read The Dynamics of Change, Stage 1: Making Up Your Mind, and Stage 2: Committing to Change.) If you’ve done your homework in Stages 1 and 2, you’re probably more excited about … Continue reading

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When Deadlines Meet the Holidays

I love having deadlines. I really do. It means money will be coming in for my daily writing, as long as I meet those deadlines. But when overlapping deadlines meet Thanksgiving and Christmas (and all the dinners, shopping, cards and … Continue reading

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Building Writing Muscle

Some years ago the doctor was considering surgery on my elbow. Why? Because I had damaged the joint with a weights routine that was too heavy…way too heavy. I thought I’d make up for a late start and build up … Continue reading

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Undo-It-Yourself Projects

(Due to illness, I am re-posting a popular article from a few years ago.) “A bad habit never disappears miraculously; it’s an undo-it-yourself project.”~~Abigail Van Buren We all have some self-defeating behaviors, and sometimes these behaviors can cause our writing … Continue reading

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No Motivation or Willpower? A Simple Solution

Motivation is a great thing to have, but note this: it’s unreliable. And because it’s unreliable, motivation is NOT a good strategy for making change in your writing life. Motivation to write comes and goes. I love when it’s there. … Continue reading

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