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Writing Fast or Writing Slow: Which is Better?

I’ve always been a fan of writing rough drafts at high speed. Turn off that internal editor! Get those words down as fast as you can! Don’t read anything till you get to the end. And after absorbing Anne Lamott’s … Continue reading

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To Survive as a Writer: Finding Margin

Certain Type A personalities seem to thrive on overloaded lives, but most writers don’t. Our best ideas – and energy to write about them – require some peace and quiet, some “down” time. To get that, we must rebuild margin … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Book?

We  writers all want to know what editors REALLY think about our submissions. Especially with rejections, we wish we could know what is wrong with the story. If you want some terrific insights into this question, I’d recommend Second Sight … Continue reading

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Authors with Learning Disabilities

Did you know that many famous authors–including such popular children’s writers as Avi–have learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD? Many of these authors had trouble in school–including failing or dropping out. Many of them were distracted and often in … Continue reading

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For the Love of Words

I’m always shocked when people tell me, “I don’t like to read.” And I used to be stunned when wannabe writers told me that. What poverty! I can’t imagine what life would be like if I didn’t love words. For So Many … Continue reading

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