De-Stressing the Writing Life

Two weeks after the release of More Writer’s First Aid, I was interviewed by Jan Fields on “De-stressing the Writing Life.” The transcript is posted on the ICL website Writer’s Retreat.

This subject isn’t just about destressing during the holidays. Frankly, we lead such busy lives these days that there are precious few “slower” months in the calendar year. You need to know how to destress your writing life every day.

In the workshop we talked about such things as:

  • stress caused by the flood of information on writing, publishing and marketing
  • stress caused by the new social marketing–and how much is worthwhile
  • setting goals that motivate without stressing you out
  • handling multiple deadlines more easily
  • critique groups–and how to benefit from them without adding stress to your writing life
  • scheduling your writing day when juggling things like chores and a day job
  • unexpected stress that comes with success


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