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Inner Critics and Time Wasters

Writers are opinionated people. Our brains never seem to stop. We criticize because we “know” how things and people should be. This “critical editor component” of our personality is invaluable to the editing and revision process. If you can’t spot what’s wrong … Continue reading

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Forget About Age

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”  –Satchel Paige Two writers in the past month mentioned that they were probably too old to start writing. One had waited till her last child had graduated. … Continue reading

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How NOT To Be Taken Seriously

If you take yourself seriously, you will be taken seriously. A common complaint among new writers is that friends and family members don’t take them–or their writing–seriously. I tell them–truthfully–that the main thing they need to do is convince themselves … Continue reading

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Learned Optimism

Are you a pessimist? You might be surprised. Choosing to be an optimist, according to author Randy Ingermanson, can change your writing life. Read his article below, reprinted with permission. It’s long–but worth it! (By the way, I whole-heartedly endorse this … Continue reading

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