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How the Chunky Method Saved My Life

A couple of months ago, after being sick and traveling and meeting two book deadlines, I stalled when given some unwelcome health news which required tests and more tests. I got really, really behind on an adult mystery, and for … Continue reading

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Inner Critics and Time Wasters

Writers are opinionated people. Our brains never seem to stop. We criticize because we “know” how things and people should be. This “critical editor component” of our personality is invaluable to the editing and revision process. If you can’t spot what’s wrong … Continue reading

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Critiqued? Cry and Throw Things

I’ve had inquiries this month about critique openings  after Christmas. I’m now filling time slots in January through March. At the website page you’ll find the particulars (what and how I critique, how long it takes, cost, etc.) This news comes with a “warning”. Critique Shock What’s this … Continue reading

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Believe in Your Writing

Critiques are very valuable, but in the end, you have to be the judge of your own stories. You have to believe in your own writing. And trust me, negative critiques come to everyone. I was reminded of such a … Continue reading

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Uncommon Perseverance

The last two weeks we’ve talked about the stages of success. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one quality that is a “must have”: perseverance. According to the dictionary, “perseverance” is steady persistence in a course of … Continue reading

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