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A Writer’s Need to Prune: Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally

The natural tendency of grape vines is to grow shoots and leaves rather than produce an abundant crop of grapes. Each year, in order to have an abundant crop, unproductive parts of the plant must be cut away. Writers are … Continue reading

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Finding Writing Freedom

Within the last month, I’ve switched over from XP to a Windows 8 laptop with wireless Internet. It has been a wonderful, eye-opening change! YouTube videos and movies no longer stick, break up, or freeze. I can access the Internet … Continue reading

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Shifting Focus: a Critical Writer’s Skill

When driving a car, you need to focus on the distance so you don’t run a red light that is coming up or miss your exit sign. But you also have to focus up close, paying attention to your speedometer … Continue reading

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Writer Imaging (Part 3)

(First read “Writer Imaging” Part 1 and Part 2.) Here are the final attributes of a happy writing life… 4. Staying focused on the positive. View your writing life as a series of opportunities and growth experiences, even though some … Continue reading

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Attention, Writers! (It’s a Choice)

If you’re traveling west, you’ll end up in California. Go East, and you might land in New York instead. The direction you choose determines your destination. But what makes you choose one direction over the other? For most people, it’s … Continue reading

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