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Writing Through Physical Pain

When my kids were toddlers and in grade school, I was wired shut for eleven weeks after two jaw surgeries. I’d had some health problems over the years, but being wired shut topped them all. I couldn’t talk to my … Continue reading

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Renewing Your Writer’s Mind

Over the past few years, I’ve been reading about the amazing plasticity of the brain. Scientists have proven that many things we were taught in the past simply aren’t true. Our brains aren’t “set” in childhood by trauma with no … Continue reading

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Writer Diagnosis: Failure to Thrive

“Psychologists have begun to speak of what is perhaps the largest mental health problem in our day. It is not depression or anxiety, at least not at clinical levels. It is languishing—a failure to thrive.” ~~John Ortberg, The Me I … Continue reading

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I hear it from writers almost on a daily basis. “I can’t find time or energy to write!” Or “If I take time to write, everything else falls apart!” The idea of living balanced lives is popping up everywhere. It’s … Continue reading

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Overloaded Lives

Do you have any margins left in your life? Or is your life marginless? For a long time, I’ve known that something was wrong. People everywhere, of all ages and walks of life, are frazzled. People are anxious and depressed. … Continue reading

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