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Writing Strategy: Acting AS IF

(First re-read the last post: New Twist on the Thought-Feeling-Behavior Writing Cycle.) After three very busy weeks (two new grandbabies, lots of travel, a conference, two work-for-hire deadlines), I was finally able to sit down for a┬álengthy time yesterday and … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading

This week in the “Destressing the Writing Life” workshop, we talked about information overload–how much valuable information is available on the Internet–and the pressure we feel because there’s no time to read and absorb it all. To that end, I … Continue reading

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Achieving the Writing Life of Your Dreams

Achieving the writing life of your dreams–is it possible? Are you closer to it than you were a year ago? Here are some great articles to read and consider if you hope to make the dream of a writing life … Continue reading

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Talent, Passion, and Discipline

As a writer, don’t ever under-estimate the power of self-discipline. Talent, passion, and discipline are needed–but the greatest of these is discipline. Best-selling author Elizabeth George speaks to this point on the first day she faces her students in her … Continue reading

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Inner Critics = Time Wasters

Writers are opinionated people. Our brains never seem to stop. We criticize because we “know” how things and people should be. This “critical editor component” of our personality is absolutely invaluable to the editing and revision process. If you can’t … Continue reading

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